Research Interests:

In my research, I investigate experiences and expressions of emotions in workplaces—gratitude, hope, compassion, and awe—and the consequences (both positive and negative) of emotions on individual, dyadic, and organizational outcomes. I am interested in the ways in which employees regulate their own emotions at work, as well as the emotions of others. This research builds on my prior academic and work experience as a licensed psychotherapist, with training that provides unique insights into emotions at work. I also study individual reputation, the topic of my dissertation work, which examines how people gain, lose, and recover or repair their reputations, and how reputational information is stored and communicated in networks. My research utilizes an array of methods, employing both quantitative and qualitative methods in experimental laboratory and field settings.


  • A complete list of my existing publications and scholarly impact can be found here.
  • PDFs of many of my publications can be found here.


  • If you are interested in using the Multidimensional Compassion Scale (MCS) in your research, please contact me.

Jazaieri, H., Simon-Thomas, E., Keltner, D., Mendoza-Denton, R., & Goldin, P. R. (2018). Predicting compassionate behavior: Application, development, and psychometric properties of the Multidimensional Compassion Scale. Unpublished manuscript, University of California, Berkeley, CA.

  • If you are interested in using the K-Corp negotiation exercise in your class or research, please visit the DRRC website.

Jazaieri, H., Wang, C., Kray, L., & Unzueta, M. (2021). K-Corp. Kellogg Dispute Resolution Research Center Exercise and Teaching Notes. Evanston, IL.


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