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Leadership, Affective Science, Emotion, & Reputation Lab

The LASER Lab is currently looking for enthusiastic undergraduates or post-graduate research assistants who have a passion for science and an interest in the research of the LASER lab. Undergraduates may work in the lab as volunteers or, at times, for academic research credit (MGMT 199) or as independent study students. If you are interested in a research assistant position, please email me with a brief statement describing your research interests and your resume.

All weekly LASER lab meetings and individual research assistant meetings are held in-person.


LASER Lab Alumni:

Jerome Andres

Chee Anyanwu

Emily Becklund

Holly Cooper

Aya Doi

Nina Galvan

Rebecca Golbari

Kim Ingwersen

Emmy Jin

Esther Jones

Adrienne Lee

Tania Lin

Breana Martinez

Sachika Mehra

Christine Redor

Elizabeth Rothstein

Michael Ruiz

Romi Sadlik

Christine Samuel

Tara Schlussel

Quinn Schwager

Olivia Sterling-Maisel

Alexa Tisopulos

Arianna Vasquez

Yichen Wang

Hyun Yung Yoon